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(Woodland Hills, CA. U.S.) Dead Keenedy's, TSOL, Circle One, JFA and much more.

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(Philadelphia, PA. U.S.) Write ups about skating. A cool section called Plugged In where they write about the Necros and Misfits.

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(1982 San Diego, CA. U.S.) The Clash, The Beat, Professionals, Manual Scan, Jools Holland, Chelsea, plenty of reviews.

(1983 New Hampshire, U.S.) Clitboys interview, Misfits and Jerrys Kids pics from a show. Plenty of reviews of records and shows.

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(1983 San Jose, CA. U.S.) Black Flag, Code of Honor, M.A.D.  loads of reviews, some cool pics and art.

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(1982, SP BRASIL) Condutores de Cadaver, Juizo Final, Anti-Pasti plus reviews all in Portuguese. 

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(1982, Raleigh, N.C. U.S.) New Reich, No Rock Stars, Bad Brains, TSOL, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, White Cross, Front Line, and reviews.


(Chicago 1977) Damned Pics, short reviews, and a piece on New-Wave fashion.

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(Long Beach, CA 1980) Southern California coverage, put out by the band the Stingers.

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(New York  1982) Double O, Misguided, Misfits, plenty of photographs, scene reports from NY, DC, Boston, Midwest and cool stuff from Finland.

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(Olympia, WA 1981) Los Angeles coverage, Scene Reports, Alternative Arts Association, plus more.

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(Mass, 1983) Negative Approach, Lost Generation, Jerry’s Kids, and so much more….

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(Lynn, MA. U.S.) Big Boys, GBH, reviews of records and shows.

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(Mass, This is the first issue with the name change. Formally known as Suburban Punk Zine. Features: Articles of Faith, Exploited, Personality Crisis, Iconoclast, Husker Du and more cool stuff.

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(1984) Agent Orange, Amebix, Bastards, BGK, Exploited, Sadonation, and article on vivisection plus tons of reviews.

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(198?) In Finnish, great layout an pieces/ interviews on CRASS, Flux of Pink Indians, Chaos UK, Riistetyt, Demob, Theatre of Hate and Nukketeatteri.

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(Austin, TX U.S.) Amazing photo zine done by the amazing Bill Daniels, has mostly pics of bands that passed through Austin as well as the locals.

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(WI. D.C. U.S.) Husker Du, Mecht Mensch, FEAR, Bad Brains, record reviews, scene reports, film reviews.

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(Houston, TX 1979, U.S.) Guyana Boys Choir, Legionaires Disease gutarists interview and writings about Houston punk interests.

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(Los Angeles!!!  U.S.) Lyric booklet with early X tacks and layout/ pics done up by the band.

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 (Burke, VA. U.S.) Columns, Ian Mackaye, Positive Force, The Peace Center, live reviews as well as records reviews.

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(Minnesota, 1982) Discharge photo spread with write up, Code of Honor, Articles of Faith and DOA interviews, plus plenty of other bits.

(Chicago) Subhumans, Necros, write ups about the FIX, and excellent full page ads for some classic records.

(Minnesota, 1982) Gun Club, Todlachen, MDC, Husker Dü and much much more.

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 (D.C. U.S.) Jim Saah's amazing photos/zine that is packed with great photos. A Henry Rollins interview as well as a Minor Threat family tree.

 (Tujunga, CA U.S.) RKL, Stikky and Corruption plus many more.

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