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(El Segundo, CA, 198?) Saccharine Trust, Alcoholics, Mood of Defiance and Secret Hate. 

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(Michigan, 198?) Loads of pic from the Freezer Theater shows, review etc.

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(Louisiana, US, 1979) The Normals, Skinnies, Jam, Sham, PIL Siouxsie and much. more.

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(Boston US, 198?) Government Issue, Ian McKaye, SS Decontrol and tons of reviews.

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(Boston, MA 198?) SSD, Bad Brains, Proletariat and tons of reviews.

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(Northampton, PA, 1984) Money Dogs reviews.

(Bellingham, WA, 1985) The Accused, Comics, Show reviews.

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(1977, Chicago, IL. U.S.) A zine tied to Chicago’s first punk club La Mere Vipere! Total 77’ Ramones worship. Skafish, Sonics Rendezvous Band, some reviews.

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(1983. Tempe, Arizona) Vandals, Effigies, Junior Achievement, Geezers, and reviews.

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(Bloomington, IL) Joke Page, Skate Tips)

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(Soquel, CA) Crucifix, Battalion of Saints, Government Issue, Bad Brains, Discharge, and Bad Religion, loads of reviews, some scene reports overall cool layout.

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(1982 Jackson Heights, Queens, NY) Sadistic Exploits, Angelic Upstarts, The Mob, Reagan Youth, Chelsea and The Undead.  

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(Los Angeles) Wurm, show reviews, show listings and gossip.

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(Vancouver) DOA, Punks and Violence, plus other local happenings and reviews.

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(D.C. 1983) Minor Threat Interview, Lucky Pierre, OnTo Gel, Second G, Sort Sol, and tons of show reviews.

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(1981, Renton, WA. U.S.) Anti-Pasti, Discharge, Exploited, Chron Gen, Lethal Dose, Lost Cause, Ruts D.C. and Vice Squad. Great layout, reviews and plenty of pics.

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(Florida) Awesome cut and paste layout, show reviews, record reviews and punk happenings.

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(Los Angeles 1983) Birthday Party, Crass, Dream Syndicate, Mental Abuse and much more.

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(Detroit, U.S.) Minor Threat, Marginal Man, and Flesh Columns, tons of good quality pics, of Misfits, SSD, Bad Brains, Insurrection and so much more.

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