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Fanzine Library - (Click on Yellow link to view issue.) 

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(1982 Texas) -D.C. Hardcore- Government Issue, Iron Cross, Negative Approach,

Necros, Bomb Squad, Void, Freeze,

Code of Honor.)

(1983 Sao Paulo, Brazil- Portuguese) Features: Ulster, Los Violadores, Bastards, Kohu 63, Los Barajas, Terveet Kadet.

(1983 Finland- Finnish) Tappio, Kohu 63, Poikkeustila, Bastards, Tampere SS, Terveet Kadet.

 (1985- Revere, Mass. U.S.) Ian Mackaye Interview, Varukers, show reviews and more.

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(1980 Palmerton, PA. U.S.) Patti Smith Worship and appreciation. Exclusively about Patti Smith.

Anti Anti -1983 New Jersey Fanzine -Featuring Minor Threat and SSD live at Buff Hall, Crib Death etc. 

(1983 Quebec, Canada) Dead Kennedy’s, Exploited, Circle Jerks, DOA, The Freeze, Youth Youth Youth, Civil Terror, scene reports and more.

(1980, San Diego, CA) The Jam comes to LA plus plenty of punk ads and reviews.

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San Diego 1985 issue no. 1 Tons of punk art by San Diego's finest! Diatribe and Tex and the Horseheads interviews.

(1980 San Diego, CA) Interview with X, Nutronz, and reviews.)

New York 1982 - Tons of coverage from CBGB, reviews packed and punk as fuck.

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 (1982, Norman, OK. U.S.) Killing Joke, The Jam and plenty of cut and paste art.

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(1980, Miramar, FL. U.S.)  The Eat plus more.

(1981, Miramar, FL. U.S.) Minor Threat, TSOL, and The Throbs.

(1983, Pomona, CA. U.S.) Packed with tons of interviews….Articles of Faith, D.R.I., F.U.’S, Mad Parade, Peace Corpse, Die Kreuzen, and Modern Industry.

(1981, Miramar, FL. U.S.) Roy and the Hayheads, The Eat.

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(Arlington, VA, U.S.) Minor Threat, FU’s, Black Flag and much more!!!

(1989, Mexico City-Spanish) G.B.H., M.E.L.I. (Muerte en la Industria), Sodomy Law, Frites Modern, and Cleveland Bound Death Sentence.

(Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.) Cool zine that has loads of commentary on local scene and reviews.

(1980 San Diego, CA) GoGo’s at the Skeleton Club, some coverage on the Alley Cats.

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(1984, Memphis, TN. U.S.) Ill Repute, Chaotic Noise, scene reports and plenty of reviews.

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(80s’ Brazil- Portuguese) Cool piece on VOID, Colera, Bastards, Grito de Alerta, Pesadelo, Infratores, Greek punk report, Italy and more.

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(1980, Arlington, VA. U.S.)  Venue reviews, record reviews, live show reviews, a punk quiz, top 20’s and a crossword puzzle.

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(1980, Arlington, VA. U.S.)  Venue reviews, record reviews, live show reviews, several pics of D.C.people, Bad Brains, Teen Idles and many more.

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(1983, Lincoln, Nebraska. U.S.) Visual Art Fanzine, punk art, art punk, art, art, art, cool stuff worth checking out.

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(Brazil- Portuguese) An entire zine on the history of Brazilian legends Colera. Plenty of pics, history and release information.

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(1981? Massachusetts, US)  Concentration X  interview with Insect Surfers and lots of show and record reviews. 

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(1980 Massachusetts, US)  Reviews and pics plus some Clash coverage.

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(1982 Newton, Mass. U.S.) Effigies, review of a WHO show, Chesterfield Kings, J.F.A. a history of Motown Records, fanzine reviews plus more.

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(1984, Spain-Spanish) Fanzine released by Slips and Sperma who later became MG-15. Killer punk layout with Wretched, Eus Arse, Disorder, M.D.C., Chaos U.K., imprisonment in Argentina, Die Kreuzen, and tons of cut and paste layout.

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(Chicago, IL. U.S.) record reviews, New Wave hot spots, Buzzcocks fun page, Richard Hell interview plus more.

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(1980 Chicago, IL. U.S.) record reviews, Undertones, Clash and Cramps!!!!

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Los Angeles, CA. U.S.) Features 45 Grave's Dinah! Terminal Vermin and the Omlits plus show reviews.

(1979, SF, CA US) Jars, Symptoms, No Sisters and Target Video. 

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(1981, New York , NY US) Killer NY zine with Stimulators, Gang of Four, Dictators, Stray Cats, Stranglers and more!

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(1981, New York, NY US- A killer issue with the Dead Boys, Circle Jerks, Stiff Little Fingers, The Undead, False Prophets, Heart Attack and Even Worse.  Packed issues with loads of stuff.

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(1983, Pacific Palisades , CA. U.S.) Negative Approach, Jerry's Kids, SOS, Gov't Issue, Against and so much more.

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(1982, Van Nuys, CA. U.S.) Tons of content mostly California focused on this first issue. Cool show and music reviews.

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(1982, Van Nuys, CA. U.S.) Circle Jerks, info on Godzillas Club, Bad Brains, D.O.A., Joan Jett and the Black Hearts, Rayonics, D.C coverage, FEAR, Brainiacs, lots of pics and show reviews.

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(Chicago, IL. U.S.) Peace punk/ Crass worship evident in layout and articles. Show reviews, record reviews, top 20 best records, DA coverage, 6 Feet Under, Naked Raygun, pics lack clarity but a cool zine either way.

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(D.C., U.S.) Nice pics and mostly show and record reviews. 

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(San Francisco, U.S.) cool graphics with Crucifix, Lewd, Fuck Ups, Murder, Code of Honor and CRASS quotes.

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