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Contextual Dissemination

The sole purpose of this website is to make underground, out-of-print, punk zines accessible to anyone doing research. Most archives in existence have limitations when it comes to accessing and viewing these zines and many collections require referrals from “Authorized” institutions to gain that access. Here at Contextual Dissemination, we recognize the origins of the punk zine and the methods used by the publishers in getting their works into the hands of anyone willing to read it, never with the intention of it being exclusive to elite institutions and antiquarian book collectors.

Contextual Dissemination does not own the copyrights’ to the zines. Contextual Dissemination does not sell content provided on the site, it is completely free to access. This is an open library, so feel free to explore, research and enjoy this resource. Spread the word that this site exists.


Titles- There may be titles that you may not find here. In the case of fanzines such as xXx, T.V.O.R, We Got Power, and Slash, they have had proper books released with the content and we will always encourage people to support the authors by purchasing the books. Links will be provided to websites of fanzine publishers who have their archive online.


Content, we are an archive, not gatekeepers of information. We do not edit content out of zines because of publisher’s beliefs, politics, ideas, or thoughts. Contextual Dissemination may not agree with every word or position included in the archive but we leave it up to the individual reader to decide if they want to view it or not, the decision is yours.


This is the first round of zines we are posting. If there is a title you are in search of or find that we pulled a zine off the site for some reason or another, feel free to leave a REQUEST or email us to provide a link. We are doing our best to scan as many zines as possible and as quickly as possible but as one can imagine, it is an extremely laborious task. We do not pretend to have every punk zine ever made but we have quite an archive.

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